Skyland's Ashley Kaylee
Our love affair with the Alaskan Malamute began with our Ashley, our first born.  After searching for months to
find one, we finally found her.   She was such an amazing puppy.  She minded so well and was such a well
behaved young lady.  She is our Alpha female.  She taught us so much about the Malamutes. I had no idea of
any of the quirks that are Malamute traits.  It wasn't until we got our third Malamute, Sasha that they began to
show.  They are the extreme Pack Animal and there is always going to be an Alpha.  Ashley took that job and
she was extremely good at it.  She controlled the whole pack.  Ashley and
Bronco are best friends.....
Oct. 4, 2003 to Sep. 24, 2010

Ashley was the perfect dog when she was young.  Then we bought Sasha and the "Alpha"
came out in her.  I learned alot about the chain of command that Malamutes have from
her.  She was definitely the boss.  She was the serious one of the pack.  Her job was to
keep everyone else in line.  It was a tough job but Ash handled it perfectly.  If some
dogs were playing too rough, she would go and take one down, not hurting it, but letting it
know it was too rough.  She was amazing.  
We first discovered her diabetes because she suddenly went blind within a few days.  My
vet came out and checked her eyes and said she had cataracts.  And probably diabetes
since she lost her sight so fast.  We started her on insulin and shortly after, had cataract
surgery to regain her site.   She had to wear one of those goofy collars and Norman, our
cow was very curious about her (see pics above).  Justy our horse, was afraid of her.  
She did regain some of her site but had glucoma in one eye and adema in the other and
has severe problems with her eyes.  We never could get her glucose regulated well.  She
was in and out of the hospital.  After 4 months, she finally passed away in September,
2010.  We cherished every second we had with her.  

Poor Bronco sure does miss you.  We love you , Ashley and miss you so much.  We will
never forget you. You were our "first born" baby girl....
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever...
Watching Mom and Dad dig out the pond is
such exhausting work!