In loving memory
SHANE, the old man, was the Father of all of our
dogs.  He was a mixed breed but he had a champion
heart.  He was 18 1/2 when he crossed the Rainbow
Bridge.  He was only 50# but to the dogs, he was
King.  He took care of all of dogs.  They would come up
dripping from the pond, he would lick them dry.  He
adored each and every one of them.  You are surely
missed, Shane Dog.......

June 10, 1991-Sept. 19, 2010
SABLE passes away peacefully in her sleep. She was
such a good girl.  She loved everyone and all the dogs.  
She enjoyed playing with Niko and their daughter,  Sesi
Girl.  We miss you Sable.   Peace be with you Sable

February 14, 2003 to November
21, 2011
It's with a heavy heart that we have to say "See you
later" to our precious Mahle.  She had some amazing
puppies for us so her legacy will live on.  She got so
excited when it was her turn to spend the night in the
house with us. She would run big circles in the yard,
woo-wooing as loud as she could.  It is so quiet around
here now, Mahle.  She loved the water too and had so
much fun swimming with her friends.  We all miss you
so much.   

AUG. 1, 2006- Oct. 19, 2012
It is with a broken heart that we have to say goodbye to
our precious Keke.  She was such an amazing girl to be
so young.  She was the Mother Hen of all of our young
girls.  Even at only 4 months old, she was still very
protective.  We only had her in our lives a short time but I
treasured every second with her.  She was so gorgeous
and has the personality to match.  I miss you my Keeks.  

January 19, 2013 -August 9, 2015