Skyland's Wylee Kayenne
Kayenne is such a sweet girl.  She is the twin sister of our Kenadie
who we lost in June,2011 to a heat stroke.  Kayenne and her Mommy
are really close.  She and Fury are best friends.   She loves to
woo-woo with the pack.  She loves the pond and playing with the new
puppies.  She's a great babysitter.   She adores all the puppies.  She
also adores kids.  She is one of my grandkid's favorite and she has to
spend the night in the house when they are here.  
She has had 2 amazing litters with white woolly males for us so far.
She is an amazing girl. We love our Kayenne Girl.
When we lost our Naihlee a few years ago she was so broken
hearted.  They were really close.  So when we brought in Juliet last
year, Kayenne took her in and she is her best friend now. I am hoping
Kayenne teaches her to swim. Kayenne is now retired.

NAIHLEE,   dam
7 years old