Skyland's Kaure Alesha Glacier
Kaure was such a little angel we just had to keep her too.  She is now such a little fur ball,
quite the woolly.  I thought for sure she was going to be a woolly like her mommy Sasha
but her hairs not going to be quite that long.  She is
Kirra's twin sister.  She is the quieter
of the two but she's still not quiet.  She's quite the talker.  She's very playful and loves to
give kisses.  She and Kirra are both water lovers.  They love to play in the pond or the
kiddie pool with the little puppies.  She loves the puppies too.  She is such an amazing
mommy.  She adores her babies.  She's had three gorgeous litters for us so far but is now
retired.    Our Kaure is such a good girl....

December 12, 2009- January 27, 2017
SASHA, dam
, sire
It is with a broken heart that we say goodbye to our precious Kaure.  You are with your
Mom and Dad.