Skyland's Liberty Lee
Our Liberty is the most playful puppy we've ever had.  We called her the Devil Girl.  We had a buyer
from Italy interested in a red puppy and didn't have any ourselves but there were some listed in the paper
and decided to get a female for them.  I went and picked her up and saw how gorgeous she was and such
a great personality we had to keep her ourselves.  We call her our little Italian girl too.  Sometimes I have
to threaten her and tell her I will send her to Italy is she doesn't hush.   She talks more than all of our
other dogs put together.  And she's such a pest.  She puts her front feet in our laps and puts one paw on
our shoulder, demanding attention.  She is such a ham.  She has produced some very vocal, very amazing
puppies for us. She is one of my oldest girls but still acts like a little puppy.  She has so much energy.  
She is retired now  so our world will be a quieter place...