Mahle is one of the goofiest dogs we have.  She is such a funny girl.  We got her from a
breeder in Virginia.  Mahle and
Sikora are half-sisters.  She is a blue/silver and very
beautiful.  She is very vocal and loves all the puppies and children. When my
granddaughter comes to spend the night, she wants Mahle and Bronco to spend the night
with her.  She always gets the last word in.   She doesn't swim like the others but wades.  
She has an amazing Husky Pak bloodline.  Her father is from Australia.   What a beauty.  
She has had some amazing puppies for us.
AUG. 1, 2006- Oct. 19, 2012
With a heavy heart we say goodbye to our precious Mahle.  She was so vocal, always
getting in the last word.  We miss you so much Mahle Girl.  It is so quiet around here
without you.  Mahle had some amazing puppies for us so her legacy will live on.  She
got so excited when it was her turn to spend the night in the house with us. She would
run big circles in the yard, woo wooing at the top of her lungs.  It is so quiet now.  She
loved everyone and everyone loved her.  Peace be with you Mahle....