Snow Names
APUT-  snow in general
AKITIA-  snow falling on water
ALLATIA-  baked snow
ANEIRA-  really white snow
ANIJO-  snow on the ground
ANIUK-  snow for drinking water
ANNUI-  falling snow unmodified by the wind
BERFU- Turkish Snow Queen
CHILAM- Native American Snowbird
DRIFFA- snow flurry
EDURNE- Snow, Basque female
EIRIOL- snow drop, Welch female
GANA-  faliing snow
GOOMAMA- snow, Australian Aboriginal
HAUKEA-  white snow, Hawaiian female
HIKO-  ice
HIRYLA-  snow in beards
IGOPUK-  large snow house
INTIA-  snow that has drifted indoors
ISTAS- snow on the ground, Native American
JATIA-  snow between your fingers or toes
KABA- snow, Tibetan
KANEQ-  frost
KANUT-  fresh snow without any ice
KARIL-  covered with snow
KATIYANA- night snow
KHUNO- god of snowstorms
KRIPYA-  snow that has melted and refroze
MANERAQ- smooth ice
MAPSUK- anvil shaped drift
MASAK-  wet snow, saturated
MITUK-  small snow layer on the water of a
fishing hole

NAKLIN-  forgotten snow
NATQUIK-  drifting snow
NEIGE-  snow, French
NEUS-  snow, Caspian female
NEVA-  snowy, Spanish female
NEVADA-  snow-clad
NEVE-  snow, Italian
NIEVES-  our Lady of the Snow, Spanish female
NILAK-  freshwater ice
ONTIA- snow on  objects
PACTIA-  snow that has been packed down
PIRTA-  blizzard, snowstorm
PIRTUK-  blizzard, snowstorm
PUKLAK-  dry snow crystals
PUNTIA-  a mouthful of snow because you
QALI-  snow collected on trees
QANIK-  falling snow
QANIR-  to snow
QANNIK-  snowflake
QUINYAYA-  snow mixed with the poop of a
lead dog
SEMTIA-  partially melted snow
SESI- snow
SIKU- ice
SNOWVIT- snow white, swedish
TALINI-  snow angel
YEPA-  snow woman, Native American
YUKI-  snow, lucky, Japanese male
YUKIKO-  snow child, Japanese