This will be Leena and Klondike's 3rd litter together.  We expect blacks,
seals, grays, whites and agoutis.  They will arrive February 3rd and
start at $1200.  These puppies are CKC registered.
This will be Khione and Avalanche's 3rd litter together and Khione's
last. We expect huge red, black, gray and agouti puppies. They will
arrive March 10th and start at $1500.
This is Taya's first litter.  She is a Ripley/Avalanche girl.  We
expect blacks, seals and grays. They will be due March 18th  and
start at $1500.
This will be Lily and Fury's first litter.  Lily is a Zennie/Klondike girl.  
We expect blacks, grays, agoutis, and seals.  They will arrive March
15th and start at $1500.